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 ( Plugstreet)

Hainaut, Belgium

The memorial commemorates over 11000 men lost and who have no known grave.

Plug Street Lion

  3 Men from Brimington are remembered:

Not a real panel as the names are located in different areas of the memorial

Private H F Aust
(our thanks to Gillian Reddish and family for the use of this photo and information )

Private Aust & Private Bradshaw died on the same day 20th October 1914 and were the first men from Brimington to be killed in the Great War

Private Herbert was killed 6 days later on October 26th 1914

The sounding of the Last Post takes place at the memorial on the first Friday of every month at 7 p.m.

Plaque, remembering the men from Brimington 

Memorial Layout

Highlighting Panel 7 where the Brimington soldiers names are inscribed

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