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How the insane decisions, fatal mistakes & tragic events between the summer of
1914 to the winter of
Affected Brimington & the rest of the world

Denotes Brimington soldier(s) killed

June 28th Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated
July 28th Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia
July 29th Britain warns Germany it cannot remain neutral
Aug 3rd Germany declares war on France
Aug 4th Germany declares war on Belgium &
   -       ...   Britain declares war on Germany
Aug 23rd Battle of Mons -first major action of the BEF
Sept 6th Battle of Marne begins
Oct 19th Battle of Ypres begins
Brimington soldiers killed  
 Brimington soldier killed  
Dec 25th First Christmas truce in the trenches


Feb 15th Dardanelles Campaign begins as troops leave for Turkey
Apr 22nd  2nd Battle of Ypres - Germans use poison gas for 1st time
May 7th  British Liner RMS Lusitania is sunk by German u-boat
May 14th
 Brimington soldier killed 
Jun 30th
German troops use flamethrowers for 1st time against British at
 Hooge, Nr Ypres 
Steel helmets issued to British front line troops for 1st time 
Jul 14th  Brimington soldier killed  
Aug  - Brimington soldiers killed between 8th & 28th of the month 
Sept 25th      Battle of Loos begins  
  3 Brimington soldiers killed at Loos  

Oct 1st        Initial battle of Arras begins 
2 Brimington soldiers killed on the western front   
Nov      3 Brimington soldiers killed 

Dec 18th   Evacuation of Gallipoli begins
Brimington soldier killed at Ypres 
Dec 20th -
Evacuation on 83,000 troops from Gallipoli complete without the loss of a single soldier or sailor


Jan 8th   Evacuation of Hellas marks end of Gallipoli tragedy
3 Brimington soldiers die- Two die of wounds, One killed in action

Jan 24th    British Government introduces conscription – Military Service Act
Feb 21st Battle of Verdun begins
Mar 3rd
Brimington soldier killed at Ypres 
May 31st Battle of Jutland begins -
Brimington soldier killed in the battle 
Jun 8th
Voluntary enlistment in Britain is replaced by compulsion
Jul 1st        Battle of Somme begins
Brimington soldiers killed in July 
2 Brimington soldiers killed in Aug 
3 Brimington soldiers killed in Sept 
1 Brimington soldier killed in Oct 
Dec 7th
David Lloyd George elected British Prime Minister
Dec 18th Battle of Verdun ends.


Jan 16th       Brimington soldier killed 
Feb 21st   
 The Germans withdrawal begins back to the Hindenburg Line
Mar 15th      Russian Tsar Nicholas II abdicates
Apr 6th   The United States declares war on Germany
Apr 9th    Battle of Arras - British successfully deploy the 'creeping barrage' 
 8 Brimington soldiers killed in Ap
Brimington soldier dies in POW Camp in Germany  
June 7th      Battle of Messines .
Brimington soldier killed   
Jun 25th
First US troops arrive in France
July 31st   Battle of Passchendaele ( 3rd Battle of Ypres) begins
Brimington soldiers killed 
 3 Brimington soldiers killed
Sept     5
Brimington soldiers killed
Oct 12th 
 British troops launch their latest assaults at Ypres against the Passchendaele Ridge. New Zealand & Australian divisions take terrible casualties, as they are bogged down in the mud
Brimington soldiers killed  
Nov 10th
Battle of Passchendaele ends. After the allies take the high ground , 500,000 men are casualties, of which around 140,000 have been killed
Brimington soldiers killed  


Jan 8th        U.S. President Wilson issues his Fourteen Point Plan to peace
 2 Brimington soldiers killed
Feb         2 Brimington soldiers killed
Mar 21st Germany launches the Spring Offensive - the 'Kaiserschlacht' attacking a front 50 miles long.
  5   Brimington soldiers killed at Pozieres
      1   Brimington soldier killed at Arras
1 Brimington soldier dies of his wounds in France 
Apr 21st   German flying ace, Baron Manfred von Richthofen (Red Baron) shot down
4 Brimington soldiers killed in France and Flanders 
May 19th German air force last & largest raid on London -33 aircraft (49 civilians are killed & 177 wounded)
May 27th Germans Troops try again - unsuccessfully to break through allied defences along the Aisne River
3 Brimington soldiers killed  
June     Brimington soldier dies of his wounds 
July 15th   2nd Battle of the Marne begins - Germany suffers huge casualties
2 Brimington soldiers killed
Brimington soldier killed
Sept 27th     British offensive on the Cambrai front leads to storming of the Hindenburg line
5 Brimington soldiers killed on the western front 
Oct 4th   German peace proposals - requesting an armistice- sent to US President Wilson
Oct 17th    British troops liberate Lille and Douai in France
 3 Brimington soldiers killed  
Nov 8th     Armistice negotiations between Allies & Germany begin at Compiègne
Nov 9th      Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicates and flees Germany
 6 Brimington soldiers are killed or die of wounds

Nov 11th  -The Armistice is signed at 5.00am at Compiegne and comes into effect at 11.00am.
Fighting ends on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month 

Peace however was not officially declared until the Treaty of Versailles was signed on 28 June 1919 - exactly five years to the day  since the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand


Over a month after the signing of the Armistice BRIMINGTON LOSES TWO MORE SOLDIERS -WHO FINALLY SUCCOMB TO THEIR WOUNDS    one is buried in France the other in Brimington cemetery

AND even as late as 1921   Private Fred Nadin (brother of Edgar) finally died of his wounds and he too is laid to rest in Brimington Cemetery. Freds name does not appear on the Memorial Gates

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